Unique Dubrovnik – Acoustic session  is a guitar and piano duo that like to create music in a unique way. The pair has an extensive repertoire, from classic evergreen to the latest hits of the day, which they perform with their own style and a touch of individuality. From ABBA to Adele, and from Michael Jackson to Bon Jovi, all archetypal tunes with the Unique Dubrovnik spin.

With over five years of experience performing together in hotels, restaurants,events and festivals Unique Dubrovnik is a great choice for entertaining a mixed audience. They have played for corporate events and conferences in both Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and regularly in five-star hotels, such as the Radisson and the Rixos in Dubrovnik and the Westin in Zagreb.

And they always have the right tune up their sleeves to find that winning formula.

Both Lino Glavocic and Anja Grabovac, the two halves of this synchronised duo, are professional musicians who have both completed a musical education.

Unique Dubrovnik will make your event and your evening unforgettable.

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